The company behind the designs

Where We Started

Twelve 24 Design was started by Katie Bundy, with the help of a few loyal clients. Solely by word-of-mouth, the company has grown, exponentially, year after year to what it is today. Twelve 24 Design strives to continually satisfy their clients and thus, promote themselves through current and former customers. After almost 15 years of experience in the field, Katie has gathered a lot of knowledge and skill that is infused into the designs that Twelve 24 Design produces.

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How We Work

When we start our relationship with our clients, we use a creative brief to assess your thoughts, ideas and goals. Some clients have a lot of input and others want to leave the creativity up to us. Either way, we work tirelessly with our clients to come up with a design, product or solution with which you are 100% satisfied.

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What We Do

Throughout this site are many samples of the work we've produced. From simple logos to the whole shebang, we do it all. For a list of the specific services we offer, check out our services page. To see the designs that we've created to see if we have the expertise you are in search of, head over to our work page. Or, if you like what you see and you want to get a quote or have some questions for us, visit the contact page.

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Our Web Design Standards


Responsive Design

Have you ever tried to visit a site on your smart phone or tablet only to be frustrated at the ability to navigate the site? With responsive design, we make sure your customers never run into that problem. We design your site to fit all devices, no matter the size. That way, even with the advent of new devices, your site is always looking its best on any screen.

Search Engine Friendly

Instead of getting a website designed and then going back and setting up an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan, at Twelve 24 Design, we make sure your site is search engine ready from the start. After we decide on your ideal search words and terms, we will integrate them into your site from the start, saving you the headache later. We even install analytics so that you can track your site's success.

Universally Accessible

Visiting a site for the visually, hearing or cognitively impaired can be quite frustrating. Twelve 24 Design makes sure that all of your visitors have an equally satisfying experience by following the guidelines set forth for accessibility. Your site will automatically comply because we make it part of the design process so you won't have to worry about it later.

The Company Founder

Katie Bundy

Having worked in both the print and web sides of the design disciplines, Katie uses her aesthetic training to create visually appealing designs and her development training to code those designs. She holds both a BFA in Graphic Design and an MS in Web Development and has over a decade of experience in the field. From in-house Senior Designer to advertising agency Art Director, Katie has worked with clients of all types. Additionally, her breadth of experience in both print and digital fields allows her to see design concepts straight through to launch. Whether it's the creation of a new identity or the development of a responsive web design, Katie has the knowledge and the aptitude to deliver her clients exactly what they want.