Conference Room Art & Print Design

  • Categories: Print • Environmental
  • Location: Anchorage, AK
  • Client: CASE

CASE, a Department of Defense contractor, wanted to liven up their empty conference room wall. They provided a blank slate and simply requested "art that represents us." After much brainstorming, research and design, the solution was realized. A very large, photography-based, multi-dimensional, conference room piece was designed to adorn the empty wall. The client absolutely loved it.

Production Prowess

The conference room piece consisted of several working parts: reinforced walls, glass fabrication, print production/fusion and an installation design/plan. In addition to acquiring all of these services, Twelve 24 Design also designed the intricate plan of standoff caps and spacers in order to vary the distances from the wall that each panel was installed, allowing an interactive, three-dimensional feel to the piece.