Identity, Print & Environmental Design

  • Categories: Identity • Print • Environmental
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Client: Jefferson's

Nashville is the heart of music and food in Tennessee and this restaurant embodies both. Their tagline is "A Healthy Dose of Soul." This translates to soul food that is made with healthier preparation than traditional techniques. In addition to the food, Jefferson's hosts soul musicians on their small stage within the restaurant. The logo embodies the soul within the name, while conveying the music and the food found within.


Sometimes startups overdo it up front, with eyes much bigger that their wallet, despite our efforts to suggest otherwise. Jefferson's, on the other hand, started small and simple. A limited menu with a notable chef and experienced GM, classically simple signage and embroidered uniforms. We knew they would have to love the logo, as it would be the centerpiece to the minimalist restaurant design...and that they did.