Brochures, Group Planner & Visitor Guide Design

  • Categories: Print
  • Location: Newport News, VA
  • Client: NNTDO
Visitor Guide

From the details behind every hotel and attraction in the city to the events of the year, the Newport News Visitor's Guide encompasses all that Newport News has to offer. We worked with renowned photographer, Keith Lanpher, and art directed his photo shoots for the new campaign; the cover of the Visitor's Guide is an example of one of his final shots. The layout of the guide encompasses the abundance of things to do in this peninsula city in a visually appealing and engaging design.

Group Planner

The Group Planner is similar to the Visitor's Guide, in that it showcases the things to do in Newport News, but it is different in that it includes group rates, facts and policies for the attractions and accommodations. It also includes meeting spaces and venues for events and the quantities of people each can hold, among other useful facts. The cover for this piece is a folder that was designed with details such as a flap pocket for narrow brochures, a business card slot and a CD pocket so that potential group visitors could be sent all the pertinent information in one package.

School Group Brochure

The die cut on this brochure lends itself to the fun that school aged children can have at the places in Newport News, VA. This non-traditional, fold-out direct mail piece was designed to increase school visits to city attractions. With a focus on the amusement parks, beaches and museums, this piece was incredibly effective in that effort.

City Brochures

Newport News has a lot to offer. We designed the brochures to elaborate on the different areas of interest. From Historical sites to Restaurants to Shopping, each brochure focuses on a specific realm and explores the plethora of options. Whether looking for a place to have a dinner or a venue for your wedding, tourists and locals alike often grab one of these brochures to peruse the city's offerings.