Firefly Event Services

Identity Design

  • Categories: Identity
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Client: Firefly Event Services

When you are redeveloping a look for a business that already exists, there are many steps to the process and you might change your mind along the way. That's why at Twelve 24 Design, we are flexible. You may initially think that you want a piece of your old logo in your new one, just to find out when you see it, that you've changed your mind entirely. That's okay. We understand that in order to rule an idea out, you might need to see it fleshed out first.


Most every logo will need to be printed or used in black and white at some point so you need to be okay with that version of the logo. Additionally, when clouded by color, it is often difficult to compare differing logos. That is why at Twelve 24 Design, we start off with black and white iterations of your designs. We will eventually add color once you have narrowed down the choices, but we like to start with black and white. It levels the playing field for the logos themselves and also helps to be sure that you'll like your logo when the time arises for it to be printed without color.