Kees Vacation Rentals

Logo & Identity Design

  • Categories: Identity
  • Location: Newport News, VA
  • Client: Kees Vacation Rentals

The variety of vacation rentals that Kees offers created an interesting challenge with their logo. We wanted to embody the idea that you can find all types of rentals with this client. Despite their headquarters being located close to a beach, they have mountain rentals, too. This logo takes into account the sun, the mountains and the water in an abstract, subtle fashion that the owners absolutely love.


Despite Kees being the overall rental company for several properties around the globe, they wanted each of the unique property groups that they own to take on their own identity. That is why we created unique logos for Cambridge Cove and Lighthouse Bay, for example; two of the many properties that Kees Vacation Rentals owns and rents out year-round.