Logo, Menus, Price Sheets & Packaging Design

  • Categories: Identity • Print • Packaging
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Client: Santé
Stand Out

With medicinal marijuana becoming increasingly more popular in Colorado, standing out among the crowd is more challenging. For Santé, meaning "health," we used an approach that included a bright blue medical/health look for their menu in retail stores, intriguing potential consumers to review it. Additionally, we created a wholesale sheet that includes images of the products in order for other businesses to easily differentiate between them.

Meeting Requirements

When creating packaging, especially for consumables, the rules and regulations are exceptionally stringent. This requires a careful layout of all packaging materials to balance the requirements and the aesthetics of each piece, while making sure to strictly abide to all regulations in order to not have to recreate the label. This field is especially particular. We managed to create a label the client loved while still adhering to all of the mandated requirements.