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Reefs to Rockies' main focus is on traveling to exotic locations and experiencing the culture and surrounding nature in such a manner to promote sustainability. In everything you do on a trip with Reefs to Rockies, you are giving back to the local community. Corporate hotels and restaurant chains are never a part of R2R trips. It's all about education and preservation while having the vacation of a lifetime.

Getting Found

When Reefs to Rockies first approached Twelve 24 Design, they had a serious problem in that they weren't showing up in any search engines. This was not the typical desire for SEO edits in order to move up on the list. Instead, they were actually not showing up at all. Upon further research, Twelve 24 Design discovered a hidden, very damaging file that was instructing the search engines not to catalog or review the site at all. After fixing this problem and addressing some of the language on the site, R2R saw a dramatic increase in site visits almost immediately.